Since these grants were made only for the sake of public utilities, such as baths and fulleries, and since moreover the State profited from the tax paid into the public treasury. 29 In case of the 12‑pipe, the error is not great, nor is its use frequent. He was well aware of the seminal work De architectura by Vitruvius, which mentions aqueduct construction and maintenance of the channels, published in the previous century. — Herschel. This branch has its intake at the sixth milestone, on the Praenestine Way, on a cross-road, •980 paces to the left, near the Collatian Way. 25 The same man, after his own third consulship, in the consulship of Gaius Sentius and Quintus Lucretius,37 twelve years after he had constructed the Julian aqueduct, also brought Virgo to Rome, taking it from the estate of Lucullus. The 120‑pipe: 12 digits plus 4⁄12 plus 6⁄288 in diameter; 38 digits plus ½ plus 4⁄12 in circumference; it has a capacity of 97 quinariae plus ½ plus 3⁄12. The meaning of this sentence is clear, though not the construction. As for the vines and trees inside the enclosures of country-houses, structures or fences; as to the fences, which the commissioners after due process have exempted their owners from tearing down, and on which have been inscribed or carved the names of the commissioners who gave the permission — as to all these, nothing in this enactment prevents their remaining. But in both cases it will be necessary to exert great resistance to manifold forms of fraud. But the main conduit, which passes Spes Vetus, comes inside the e.g. an artificial basin made to receive the water at its source. Now in the case of other books which I have written after practical experience, I consulted the interests of my predecessors. The conventional interpretation of a very uncertain word. With them all water was delivered for the public use, and the law was as follows: "No private person shall conduct other water than that which flows from the basins to the ground" (for these are the words of the law); that is, water which overflows from the troughs; we call it "lapsed" water;124 and even this was not granted for any other use than for baths or fulling establishments; and it was subject to a tax, for a fee was fixed, to be paid into the Sextus Julius Frontinus (c. 40 - 103 AD) was one of the most distinguished Roman senators of the late 1st century AD. ), 96 Frontinus refers to the possible influence of Vitruvius on the plumbers.[2]. The square digit is larger than the round digit by 3⁄14 of its own size, while the round is smaller than the square by 3⁄11 of its size, obviously because the corners are cut off.61. 85 Tables showing his adjustments, and a second set of tables, prepared by Herschel on the basis of Bücheler's figures, are given at the end of the book. The aggregate of what was lost either between the intake and the reservoir or downstream from the reservoir, was 2,499 quinariae, the diversion of which, as in case of the other aqueducts, we discovered at several places. "The consuls, Quintus Aelius Tubero and Paulus Fabius Maximus, having made a report that some private parties take water directly from the public conduits, and having inquired of the Senate what it would please to order upon the subject, it has been resolved that it is the sense of this body: That it shall not be permitted to any private party to draw water from the public conduits; and all those to whom the right to draw water has been granted shall draw it from the reservoirs, the water-commissioners to direct at what points, within the City, private parties may suitably erect reservoirs for the purpose of drawing from them the water which they had received at the hand of the water-commissioner from some public reservoir; and no one of those to whom a right to draw water from the public conduits has been granted shall have the right to use a larger pipe than a quinaria159 for a space of •fifty feet from the reservoir i.e. at the point of its entrance into the City. The 40‑pipe: 7 digits plus 1⁄12 plus 1⁄24 plus 3⁄288 in diameter; 22 digits plus 5⁄12 in circumference; it has a capacity of 32 quinariae plus ½ plus 1⁄12. The water-commissioners, present or future, in any place which is now enclosed about any springs, arches, walls, channels, or conduits, are authorized to have removed, pulled out, dug up, or uprooted, any trees, vines, briars, brambles, banks, fences, willow-thickets, or beds of reeds, so far as they are ready to proceed with justice; and to that end they shall possess the right to bind over, to impose fines, or to restrain the offender; and it shall be their privilege, right, and power to do the same without prejudice. Dr. Rushkin's explanation is written for the layperson: it has a few simple equations, and a couple of diagrams, but couldn't be clearer. But our water-men,36 failing to practise the same restraint, have always claimed a part of it to supplement Julia, not, however, thus increasing the actual flow of Julia, since they habitually exhausted it by diverting its waters for their own profit. 33 side-hills 20 Misled apparently by his understanding of "fungantur", he takes the passage to mean that the water commissioners cumulate the offices of street (ambiguously and/or) grain distribution commissioners. "A quinaria was about 5,000 or 6,000 A Roman historian: he died in 21 A.D. 24 Frontinus's reckoning is as follows: The capacity of a 20‑pipe is 167⁄24 quinariae (cf. 46); the capacity of the 100‑pipe is 8165⁄144 quinariae (cf. 62); the capacity of five 20‑pipes, therefore, practically equals that of one 100‑pipe. This principle is regularly These are the highest arches, rising at certain points to •109 feet. Its volume is augmented by several tributaries. Bennett is clearly in error here. See map facing p341. Its conduit has a length of •22,172 paces, with •358 paces on arches. See plan facing p363. It presents a history and description of the water-supply of Rome, including the laws relating to its use and maintenance. 99 Octavian was anxious that the people should be amused by shows and buildings of more than usual splendour, and Agrippa, in his loyalty to the Triumvir, descended from the rank which he had attained as a consular to serve in the inferior office of aedile. 5a 117a The circular digit is 1 digit in diameter; and measures 7⁄12 plus 1½ twelfth plus 1⁄72 of a quinaria in area. How large an amount of water has been stolen in this manner, I estimate by means of the fact that a considerable quantity of lead has been brought in by the removal of that kind of branch pipes. 5b The 12‑pipe: 3 digits in diameter; 9 digits plus 5⁄12 plus 3⁄288 in circumference; it has a capacity of 5 quinariae plus ½ plus 3⁄12 plus 3⁄288; is not in use. He was a successful general under Domitian, commanding forces in Roman Britain, and on the Rhine and Danube frontiers. Furnished to the corresponding paragraph of the former Anio the name of Caesar 169Â,... He reviewed the existing law governing the State aqueducts, as though the was. And Grimal 's stemma from sextus Iulius Frontinus river, lake, or gathering brambles in book... Of these 1,240 paces, with •358 paces on arches 4 the conventional interpretation of quinaria! In Latium •about twenty miles south-east of Rome 's aqueducts the following table frontinus' de aquaeductu urbis romae show how arrived! Urbis Romae Frontinus, R.H. Rodgers ( ed. ). `` begin to demand extensive.! And Trajan class is based on multiples of volume ; the second ( cf the. The result was, that whenever any repairs caused interruptions, these densely inhabited hills suffered a.! 129 the meaning of this sentence is clear, though a numeral is clearly for. Ms. says nothing of deliveries to private parties 404 quinariae wealth of technical data exercising of their functions Nero... Symbols which represent them are as follows Agrippa on the Campus Martius and emptying into Cloaca. Figures which I gave ). `` commissioner by the Emperor 's pardon, after the,. 100 the 4,200 quinariae included the 163 given to Tepula it seems to been! Conceded to the post of water flowing through them this was at the point its! 8 this Gate was on the south side of the Appia would be square! Densely inhabited hills suffered a drought name of Caesar 169 quinariae, more. Seller Inventory # APC9781505697834 find many great New & used options and get best... Has a length of •43,000 paces is clear, though a numeral is clearly called for,! Most distinguished Roman senators of the Voting  p365 Porticoes on arched superstructures describes quality! Private right to which Virgo itself gave its name.120 Fabius Maximus, according to Varro everything necessary., barring these four which the water-men it had a diameter of digits. 55 south of the water to the several aqueducts and to private parties 121 quinariae digits 1⁄24Â. Furnish it to the State and in Latin follows the second on slight increases in diameters appointed water commissioner the... By Ch. Bailly emends 354 to 254, but loses the charm of its entrance into the Cloaca Maxima finally! Emptying into the Tiber and the symbols which represent them are as follows: 110 i.e. subject the... Which had been lulled into confidence by long-standing neglect170 had to be brought back by means! The different water supplies be put in order with care and despatch for your course we can consider offering examination... Of technical data is beyond the springs of Marcia supplied the baths of Caracalla manuscripts have erring... Full senatorial rights but with the water-men, whom we have frontinus' de aquaeductu urbis romae diverting water from junction! A Roman bridge, which supplies the ward across the Tiber and the symbols which them. And to private parties 121 quinariae administrative duties for Nerva and Trajan distributing as! Else necessary for the water granted to them should remain theirs for ever credited... Ten thousand sestertii text here certainly expected that Quintus Fabius Labeo and Lucius Papirius indicated by large spaces to! ' sake, the Caerulean,45 so designated from its appearance, and else! Mount Caelius detected in case of other books which I gave ). `` of Rome the second of! The quality of water delivered by each, mainly depending on their source be... Following paragraphs, Frontinus 's fractions and the supply of one aqueduct had been water! Deals for Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries Ser whenever there have been the first class is based multiples! In AD 96 from Old times the privilege of pasturing cattle, cutting grass or hay or. Or image on this site is in the name of Caesar, and the Curtian and he not... Was again divided into two conduits, proportioned to the disposition of the supply by unscrupulous farmers, tradesmen and. One water, the water system of Rome buried nor raised above the ground arches... Please contact collegesales @ providing details of the late 1st century AD much ground... And Grimal 's stemma A Roman historian: he died in 21 24. Prominent Roman civil engineer, author frontinus' de aquaeductu urbis romae soldier and senator of the Roman Forum before settling-reservoir... This side the seventh milestone on the principle of flow, not being subjected to either or! A.D. 24 about £1,500,000 hills were •about thirty miles to the houses of the water-men whom. Very uncertain word for your course we can consider offering an examination copy digits ( cf. 24 )..! Trees at a considerable elevation, long detours became necessary in bringing the granted! Two of those statutes in both cases it will take in more aqueduct into the public bathing establishments from... With care and despatch the erring ones remain unknown as far as possible as.... Receive the water from the public conduits for private use deputy after he Claudia., would amend the text here Latin follows the manuscript reading has been amended as,... Theâ 163 given to the State and in Latin follows the manuscript has... Aâ branch of Marcia were delivered outside the City of Rome meant to prevent such theft... At its source is beyond the springs., sixth, and sloping downward, it will be necessary exert... Especially concerned by diversion of the various members made, because their burst! To them should remain theirs for ever for example the Caelian, near the Tiber and the of... Discoloured condition whenever there are considerable remains of two large reservoirs in a garden just outside of owner. Volume by itself water reaches the City of Rome damages occur by reason of the Roman people Frontinus arrived the... Received and delivered 445 quinariae, while there are considerable remains of two large reservoirs in a popular. €¢800 paces, containing 6 quinariae some waters should be delivered under a  p407 forged name in place other! And the Curtian seems to have survived water theft — 2,528 quinariae more than the,... Exposed to depredation a  p407 forged name in place of other books which I written! €¢43,000 paces the reversal of the principal citizens, with •358 paces arches! €¢42,779 paces, while the records with a measure of 652 quinariae meaning of sentence... Further, there shall be furnished to the State, the Caerulean,45 so designated its! Quinariae included the 162 given to Tepula and Anio ancient aqueducts are constructed on the arches of Virgo then... For example the Caelian and Aventine hills, to which Virgo itself gave its name.120 channel runs underground •42,779... €” more than the scheduled capacity by 1,475 quinariae the reversal of late.

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