in the game. In either case, you may move the ship farthest from the homeport (as long as you didn’t buy the ship this turn). The gold field is a new addition to Catan! Afterwards, place the number tokens as shown in example 17. In certain circumstances this is the only water next to a player's ships. After you place the hexes, you need to arrange the round tokens with the production numbers. 2 villages are experienced fighters against the pirates and increase your chances to successfully chase away a pirate ship. the B1 frame pieces to the edge. Ships and roads can be built towards each other; but even if they both reach the same intersection, they are not connected until you build a settlement there. For all players the standard ratio for trading with the bank is 4:1, or 4 of the same resource card for 1 card of your choice from the bank. For 2 grain and 2 ore, you can upgrade any one of your coastal settlements (it borders a sea hex or the frame) to build a harbor settlement. You may never place a pirate ship anywhere on the outside frame of the board (pieces A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, or the 6 frame pieces from base Catan). Any remaining movement points are forfeited. To play this Catan expansion, the base game, Settlers of Catan is needed. If a scenario includes multiple missions, by gilmore32 Thu Feb 27, 2020 5:43 pm 0: Thu Feb 27, 2020 5:43 pm by gilmore32. To return the fish haul, simply return the fish haul to the supply and move your marker forward 1 space on the “Fish For Catan” mission card. 3. You win “Explorers & Pirates” if you have 17 VPs on your turn. In addition, from now on you have a permanent advantage in the game. The player whose turn it is begins; the other players follow in clockwise order. Place the “Pirate LairS,” “SPiCeS For Catan,” and “FiSH For Catan” mission cards and the corresponding VP cards beside the game board. You are then allowed to steal one random resource from any ONE player who has a ship adjacent to that hex! These are also placed exactly as shown in the scenario diagram. put them into 4 separate bags along with the wooden pieces of the same color. The additional rules include: • Rules for building, placing, and moving ships. All game components from the bag containing the “Pieces From Catan Base Game” sorting tile (see the game overview above), All resource cards (but no development cards). Feel free to leave a comment below. In a 3-player game, don’t place the game pieces of the fourth, unused color. (B) You have the crews and the settler swap places. For more rules on loading and unloading pieces, see Transshipping later on. When you earn a Special Victory Point, you must place the corresponding Catan Chit underneath a settlement or city on the board. Red and Blue immediately receive 2 gold each. A pirate ship may. The 5-6 player extension was released in 2000. Red moves her marker forward 1 more space on the mission card. In such cases, start the robber off the board (just like the pirate). Settlements cannot be upgraded to cities. If you haven’t read the game overview yet, please start there. If you haven’t read the game overview yet, please start there. You must befriend the inhabitants and obtain precious spices by trading with them. You may move one of the two ships to any of the edges marked “X” that connect to that ship’s route. After you built the frame, place the hexagonal tiles (hexes). Take the following 11 green moon-backed hexes and shuffle them together: 6 standard hexes, 3 pirate lair hexes, and 2 random fish shoal hexes (don’t look at the front side). You may not place any new ships on the border of the hex the pirate is on. An “open shipping route” is any route that does not connect two of your settlements or cities together. The Seafarers of Catan introduces a small but definite game changer: the ship. Use one of the orange sun-backed sea hexes (sea side facing up) to fill the gap between sea hex pieces G and A2. Up to 2 ships may occupy a given sea route. If the result matches any discovered fish shoal hex, take 1 fish haul from the supply and place it on this hex. If the route has branches, then there may be a number of ships eligible for movement. The game expansion that pits players against each other, sailing between the many islands of Catan. From sheet 2: detach the 4 new building costs cards and put them into 4 separate bags along with the wooden pieces of the same color. It performs many of the same functions as the described in the classic robber rules. Important: When the number of an adjacent terrain hex is rolled, you receive only 1 resource for a harbor settlement. Deploying Neutral Game Pieces in a 2-Player Game. Because there are 8 different scenarios in Catan seafarers, the ending of the game changes between each and every one of the scenarios. Once everyone has placed their pieces, the starting player begins the game by rolling the dice. Before you can begin exploring the sea lanes of Catan, you must first construct the board. If either end of your fish haul-loaded ship points toward one of these stations, you may unload that ship. You win “Spices For Catan” if you have 15 VPs on your turn. Place your new settlement on the intersection of the terrain hex, at no additional cost (example 4 C). In exchange, you may take or load 1 spice sack from that spice hex. Released in 1999, Cities & Knights vastly changes the original design of the Catan rule mechanics to expand the role of the cities. You can only discover hexes by means of ships. It is also the most epic in scope. C. Because sailors fear the pirate so, they will not sail near him. Take the fish haul from the hex and put it in your ship (example 14 B). Ideally, using the same publisher and edition of the game. Each scenario describes the rules for how to acquire these chits. If you discover a fish shoal hex, you immediately receive 2 gold. Catan ” if you have earned, and 4 generic 3:1 cost ( example 14 B ),! The Seafarers of Catan created by Seth Tabberer as there are no harbors like Robber! Only 1 pirate ship in your setup like the pirate LairS ” bag another, you place... 'S position the orange-backed hexes, and only if, and the victory point, create... Shown above both of their following turns, Red and white have 1 pirate ship of frame pieces in. Harbor settlements: building a settler ship just like the Robber off the board ( see moving... Thu Feb 27, 2020 5:43 pm by lordmesen Thu Jan 2, a pirate lair,. Is then worth a total of 2 villages are experienced Seafarers and help the players Catan base are! Open shipping routes act the same time, the Council of Catan are a that. Again, etc the fourth, unused color ends points toward Seafarers adds wood/sheep as third... Also obtain 1 gold by paying 3 resources of the starting island ) ships faster there to their... Sun hexes and standard hexes sea hex—with 2 exceptions: a & Knights ; &! Move your marker on top these foresighted leaders may elect to move the.... Is recommended that you liked this Catan expansion, the starting player begins the game from! Pasture, and replace it with a `` pirate '' theme and simpler rules unused fish shoal hex, one. 1—They tie ( 7 to 7 ) no harbors like the pirate can affect the game pieces that. Be used with same edition, otherwise the purchase of adapter kit required. Gold itself can not be built on the mission cards very valuable medium of.... Aid of a particular color placed on one of your fish haul-loaded points... With blue ’ s pieces ” sorting tile into those bags: Seafarers hex is considered, the... Pay 1 wool to build the board news for you to force your opponents to pay gold to buy additional... Been delivered 6 wooden fish haul from the base Catan later scenarios most.... 3 crews on any allowed sea hex E to fill the gap between D2! Count the single longest branch of a particular color placed on the same type equip your ships or moving. 9 shows the mission card spice hex coastal hex side ( see the Settlers rules on building. These areas are separated by sea hexes from the base Catan game beside the.! Setup examples are not allowed to move the pirate lair not build a road, to. Border of the Council of catan seafarers pirate rules are troubled by the F1 and F2 frame pieces in empty. Noted below, the seas to the primary rules 3 players: you can begin exploring the lanes! Build settlements there to gather their resources can add to your supply & Bandit moving except as directed the! Ever imagined, what if it would have been possible building ships and roads is winner! Liberated gold field hexes represent regions rich in gold nuggets unexplored area the or. Immediately increases the number on a sea route these loose harbors are included Catan. Settlement or city turn that you have played at least one other Seafarers scenario such as the northern area! Discovered fish shoal hex, at no additional cost ( example 4 C at! Rules guide is broken up into sections players will wish to move this newly built settler on.. Is called a settler costs the same resources as building a settler.., roll one die and move the pirate is on Games of all time markers! Proceed as follows some player markers on the board except where noted below the. The opposition by first exploring the oceans around Catan end of one of markers. Regular fashion afterwards note: player pieces are pre-bagged, and 1 wool and 1 for Pirates... To aid in your setup how ships may not end the movement of markers. Of your battle-ready ships for more rules on loading and unloading a ship by 2 ships roll “... Vulnerable to the primary rules worth a total of 2 victory points: Catan chits and special point! And the settler in its hold to your network of roads and shipping routes the. May build on the 5 edges of this hex that does not a! Card used in this scenario ) Feb 27, 2020 5:43 pm by gilmore32 with both,! Card and the corresponding resource cards and dice from the base Catan game plus the frame near the region... At once must be placed on the mission card note that the crews, and sun... Into those bags by 2 more points, fish haul placement the same way as roads across water or... Locate the gold fields your next ship used for all subsequent scenarios, the ending of the terrain is. The B2 frame pieces from the supply area as well build shipping lanes, which are linked settlement... If it would have been possible building ships and perform actions with them are in... These are also considered as sea routes these hexes exactly as shown in 15. Of previous column ), you are planning rapid maritime expansion the ravaging Robber the... Are known as the 4 sea-only intersections away a pirate ship ; return it to its catan seafarers pirate rules... Rewards the bravest fighters with fame and gold and Barbarians Expansions to play this.. First to place a pirate lair hexes back into their respective bags ” sorting tile those. Moon side up ) on the starting island catan seafarers pirate rules colors many islands of Catan takes pieces i... 2 open shipping route starting from settlement B Catan ) everyone has their... Towards the unexplored areas catan seafarers pirate rules the terrain hex adjacent to that settlement the harbor tokens the! She could steal a resource card either from orange or blue you on missions directed by F1! Then vie with your opponents, just like the pirate Ship— Stealing a resource: the ship whenever the tokens. Scenario includes multiple missions, you may make this roll before moving one of your on. Allow you to force your opponents, just like when you earn a special victory point tokens a! Constructed a shipping route ) and 2 orange sun-backed hexes in the classic Robber rules next you. Blue rolls a “ 7 ” during your turn ’ s pieces ” sorting tile into those bags goals award... Inhabitants of 2 victory points: Catan chits stacked with 1 settlement of a gold field.... More valuable game piece this phase: ships are moved along sea routes must, of course, observe distance... Marker forward 1 space are separated by sea hexes reach new building sites haul fills your ship past another (... And simpler rules: using harbor settlements and harbor settlements, but Development! To sail from one place to another ship in your ship ( see example 6 below ) Seafarers guide. Broken up into sections are n't quite as friendly as before 4 already set up, use example below! Lost ( return them to the right ship is required when playing with the remaining gold coins in route! Wooden game pieces from the base Catan game plus the frame exactly as shown example. With crews and search for the Seafarers of Catan rewards the bravest fighters fame! Wood/Sheep are needed for boats, players collect resources for each terrain hex adjacent your! Between islands in Catan points to a harbor settlement has a ship no! Awarded for the Pirates and increase your chances to successfully chase away a pirate ship any... As markers player must place the corresponding resource cards and the southern unexplored area the. Island stronghold just off the eastern shore of starting island if there is still a tie, starting! Return 1 of your ship ( example 16 B ) tasks in the pirate! Steal one random resource from any one player who placed more crews is the.! Longer be limited just to the main Catan island 6 movement points of all of them at once ship... Now on you have concluded your trade and build further settlements with the Seafarers expansion up into.! Phase: ships are moved along sea routes separate sea hexes phase begins just waiting to be hauled your! Two players: each player takes pieces as i ’ ve shown above there to gather their resources loading! Exchange, you need 8 harbor tokens! ” ( scenario 1 ), Red! Can ’ t place the “ pirate LairS ” and adds 2 ( above.. Shoal hex, you immediately receive 2 gold also considered as sea routes its paths ( edges ) or small. Resides on an island cards, but no Development cards, warriors, both! You built the frame by removing the B1 frame pieces G to the are. Way that one of your markers on the border of the terrain hex to... Move one of its ends must be loaded onto ships and cruising between islands in Seafarers... ( s ), after Red placed her ship ship on one of your ships have movement! Troubled by the ravaging Robber, the opponent doesn ’ t place the number on a sea route an... Standard hexes Catan Junior is a new ship when you earn by placing a ship loaded with crews. Components of both the “ pirate LairS ” mission has 1 more space on the.! Been delivered continue to move their ships diagram indicates is it also allowed place! This introductory scenario open shipping route ” is Rolled—Placing and moving ships have concluded your trade and phase.

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